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I am currently an illustration student at the Art Institute of Atlanta. Graduation is almost here! After graduating, I plan on moving back home to good ole Birmingham, Alabama. Check out my blog to see what happens!

Rapunzel Birthday Party Castle


Still learning to blog, so bare with me! These images were all taken on an iphone, so I know the quality could have been better, but it gives you an idea of the project!

During the middle of this past week my mom called, asking if I would build a Rapunzel tower for my niece’s six-year old birthday party. Alyssa is one of the sweetest, and has the most character of most children I have met, so naturally this had to be good!

Luckily my finance’s parent’s had moved the weekend before and had a couple of wardrobe boxes that they let me use for Alyssa’s princess tower! This was the best box I could have hoped for to build this tower with, but I’m sure a refrigerator box or any other large box would do just fine too.

Here was my process in building the tower… Greg helped too!

This is the wardrobe box spilt open and ready to be spray painted.


After the party we moved this in the house and now Alyssa has a sweet little castle hide out to play in!


Things I’m Digging…


So, summer is winding down, I sat behind an insanely long line of buses this afternoon. That’s right, schools are back in for everyone not on a quarter system like my college. Today the temperature dipped to a breezy 80 something degrees, and I was able to turn off the fan in my room for a while because I was chilly… SO, what have I been digging lately?

I have developed a new technique for painting! I use two sheets of Denril paper (it’s like a thicker plasticy vellum. I paint in all black acrylic (though will try using ink). On the second sheet paint abstractly in bold thick colors. Lay the black ink/paint sheet over the colorful sheet and viola! Placing a white sheet behind it will help to colors stand out more. It’s a bit pricy, but well worth it at $25 for 20 sheets.

This assignment was for my Tradition Illustration course. The assignment was to create an allegorical self portrait. You know the saying, “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” There are a few nit-picky things to correct, but you get the idea of the Denril method I came up with.

I’m also way digging these new brushes I picked up from Binder’s Art Store. They are from Princeton. It’s the Snap! edition. White Nylon short handled brushes. I got the Bright Shader number 4 and the 2/0 Round. I LOVE THEM! I only got two to test the waters, but I have a feeling I will be back getting Snap! the next time I have a craving for new shiny brushes!!!!

Lastly, for today, I’m also really digging my iphone! My last cell phone was a Go-Phone from circa 2007, no photo capabilities, nor internet, nor decent size screen. I’m so happy Greg decided to put it through the washing machine a few months ago! I have been using it to take reference photos, look up images, and take photos of my work to show my mom who lives a few hours away and likes keeping up with me. here’s a few reference photos that I have taken to experiment with lighting, composition, and expression. 🙂 enjoy these photos of me looking like a total dork!