Rapunzel Birthday Party Castle


Still learning to blog, so bare with me! These images were all taken on an iphone, so I know the quality could have been better, but it gives you an idea of the project!

During the middle of this past week my mom called, asking if I would build a Rapunzel tower for my niece’s six-year old birthday party. Alyssa is one of the sweetest, and has the most character of most children I have met, so naturally this had to be good!

Luckily my finance’s parent’s had moved the weekend before and had a couple of wardrobe boxes that they let me use for Alyssa’s princess tower! This was the best box I could have hoped for to build this tower with, but I’m sure a refrigerator box or any other large box would do just fine too.

Here was my process in building the tower… Greg helped too!

This is the wardrobe box spilt open and ready to be spray painted.


After the party we moved this in the house and now Alyssa has a sweet little castle hide out to play in!


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    • I cut several strands of yarn one length and once I had a decent sized ponytail I spread it over a small food strainer and hot glued it over to hold it in place. Then, I braided the rest and cut the ends the same length.

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